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Supporting All Saints Church, Boughton Aluph

From Anglo-Saxon times to the present day All Saints has been replaced, enlarged and enhanced.  In recent years the South

porch with its unique Tudor fireplace has been re-opened, the South transept window (bricked up since WW2) has been restored by the Stour Music Festival, and in the last twelve months a beautiful organ rescued from a closing church and re-built in the North transept.  In addition huge sums of money have been spent on repairing and conserving the windows and other features of one of the South East’s finest pilgrim churches.


Financing this has become increasingly difficult for the thirty or so on the electoral roll, as they are also responsible for St Christopher’s at Boughton Lees, another ancient building used regularly during the colder months.  

We'd very much like you to consider supporting the church by making a gift - or even a regular donation - to one of our two "campaigns".  One is the All Saints church ENDOWMENT FUND which is invested permanently (we're not allowed to touch the capital) to provide a regular income for the conservation of the church building in perpetuity.  The endowment fund is an ideal home for a legacy, of course, but also for a lifetime gift, and you can be sure that it will be there, in effect, for ever.  However, if you'd prefer your donation to be available immediately for the upkeep and the WORK OF THE CHURCH GENERALLY IN BOUGHTON ALUPH. please click this link.  With small congregations in most churches nowadays it is getting more and more difficult to keep them open, and Boughton Aluph - with two - is no exception.  Please click on one of these links or, if you prefer, contact our treasurer on 01233 640357 for a confidential chat or to answer your questions on where the money goes.  Also please consider providing your details if you'd like us to claim Gift Aid, as that swells your generosity by 25%.  Much as we would love to thank all supporters personally, data protection regulations for the above links prevent our knowing who has donated unless you actually tell us!  Please feel free to email us at or, again, phone our treasurer on 01233 640357.  Very many thanks.


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