What events?  Sadly we pretty well drew a blank last year but village resident Mark Kingswood and friends were able to make use of All Saints' exceptional acoustic qualities to record his Christmas Special.  SEE BELOW for more details and a sample.


In a normal year (2021?) we start with the popular Five Church Walk which links five rural churches in a circular route across the Kent Downs, on the first Bank Holiday in May.  Fingers crossed for May 3 this year when, with a lot of luck and kind weather, everyone should have a great time.  On the second Bank Holiday (May 31st) the St Martin-in-the-Fields' annual pilgrimage from London to Canterbury, would normally arrive with around 120 walkers to be fed and watered and to sit by the fire in the Tudor porch, which is always lit for them.  If you can help with this by making and/or serving sandwiches, please phone one of us on 01233 627117 or 623618.  It's a fun time and all offers of help are much appreciated. 


In June we hope for the return of the magnificent Stour Music Festival when up to 450 patrons pack into the church to hear a wonderful programme over two weekends.  A much reduced (and delayed) festival took place in 2020, with virtual performances streamed from the church.  Demand for tickets usually exceeds available seating, so this is an initiative begging to be repeated.   Further information about Stour here.


But not everything takes place at All Saints.  Because of the pandemic we were not able to hold a summer, open-air service in the beautiful and tranquil setting of St Mary's church, now a ruin, by the lake in Eastwell Park, but we'll try again this year.  And as it's now our "winter season" we have moved, lock stock and barrel, to St Christopher's church for when Sunday Services resume, All Saints being far too cold.  Goodness knows how they all managed before we acquired St Christopher's!  Anyhow, let us hope that it isn't too long before enough of us have been vaccinated to enable life to return to normal.  We do hope you will join us for an event or a service one day.

You can see and hear more of Mark here: